Yoga, in all its forms, is the best way to connect your body and mind together for them to work in harmony. By practicing regularly, you will increase the quality of your life physically and mentally.

Certified Yoga Teacher

Yoga, to be effective, must be done in a good way. I put a lot of attention to adjust the postures from the beginning so you get a good alignment from the beginning. As well, yoga goes beyond than just the physical postures, that’s why I can teach you meditation, pranayama, Indian philosophy basics in addition to asanas.

I give public and private classes in French and English.

Let's practice together!


Make the body strong and flexible through the practice of Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga.


Breath is the vital force that regulates all your energy. Learn to use it to your advantage either you want to relax or to get more dynamic.


Just take a moment to stop, feel the breath, connect to your body and disconnect from the outside world for an inner journey toward tranquility.